You want affordable, you want software as a service (SaaS), you want control and to keep cost in control. What you may be looking for is a combination of a Hosted Solution for specialty application with the on-premise control of basic phone system functions. Good news! ShoreTel and ShoreTel Sky have announced this type of hybrid phone system


Read the full blog article here and download the material for the ShoreTel Connect here.

What makes this combination an affordable phone system solution is the fact you have two services which tend to cost lots of money, now subscription-based for ONLY those that need these services. This is also is just the start on what is happening in the hybrid cloud/premise world. Start thinking about the features and functions you want, but cost too much if only a small portion of your staff needs them. With the connection of cloud and premise, phone systems just got more affordable for the small business owner. 

The success of the cloud, which allows purchase by user, will now allow business owners to continue to tailor their needs during their busy times. So if you are a seasonal business, you add more when you need it and retract in off-season. Since you have the premise solution, you can always have phones ready for people.

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