Hindsight is 20-20 – You start to think: I wish I would have, I never thought I would need, I should have listened. These are all statements we might make when we realize we long to put in a CCTV security system.

Chances are if you are saying these things, you had an incident. It is okay to say and admit you had a break-in or a slip and fall, or an internal employee theft. You are not alone, it happens to businesses each and every day. Now that you know you are vulnerable, let’s takes a look at purchasing a CCTV system.

At Gaynor we pride ourselves on aligning with high quality products. We want to work with companies that offer not just good warranties, but great warranties. We have chosen to sell the IC Realtime and Pelco brands of CCTV security systems. We chose them because they are high quality business grade CCTV systems. With Pelco we are able to sell via our CMAS contract as well. 

Both of these companies offer warranties of over 3 years, giving us even more reason to love their products.

We tell you about the products we carry because when you start looking for a CCTV security system you will find hundreds of makes and models. Some are literally consumable products. They will have a 12 month life and then you throw them out and start over.

When you start your research ask these questions:

How long does the average system last?

Good quality business-grade systems should last 5+ years, if not longer. As long as they are maintained on a regular basis.

Will I be able to adjust programming?

Many times the cookie cutter systems are plug and play. That may sound good at the beginning, but professional camera systems are interactive. You should be able to make changes, download images and upgrade software.

How much storage will I get?

A professional installer will not just say 2 weeks. They will talk about frames per second, how many cameras, recording on motion etc. All of these things take up resources and impact your storage capacity. If you are not being told about these, you may want to get a second opinion.

Maybe you saw the break-in happen at a neighbor’s business and it caused you to start the process of looking yourself. Whatever the reason, a CCTV system should not be an impulse buy. As a CCTV installation and design company we work with our clients and ask them about their needs and expectations. We look at the differences between IC Realtime and Pelco.

There is not one solution for everyone. So before it is a have to, start looking for a CCTV security system now. By taking your time, you can get the right solution at the right price and at the right time.

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