Hosted this and hosted that! Your head may be spinning with questions about this newer technology. Like anything new, we have to learn about the product or service and decide if this is the best for our business. Making a switch to a new system is a big decision with a lot of potential ramifications, so it’s wise to do your research before you jump in. Let’s look at some advantages of VoIP – hosted VoIP that is.


The greatest single thing about hosted VoIP is someone else is managing your phone system. Yup, you will no longer have to pay a staff member to manage, update and keep current your VoIP phone system. When you need a change or have an issue, you simply call the hosted provider and they do all the work – saving you time and not giving you a headache. Since your hosted solution is monitored 24/7, many times the problem will be solved before you even knew you HAD a problem. 

Operating Expense

Traditionally, the purchase of VoIP technology has been a capital expenditure. With the cloud and hosted VoIP, many CFOs are looking at the opportunity to have an operating expense. For sure a different model of business, but one that cannot be taken for granted. As more business applications become cloud based this will become a part of every decision when talking about the advantages of VoIP.

Ease of Installation

A traditional phone system install requires you to have a go-live date and focus around changing out your phone system. With hosted VoIP you can do a side by side install, and only worry about changing your main number. This allows employees to get some hands-on time to learn the new system, prior to the actual go-live. For some employees change is very hard, so this is an easier transition to a new system. With cloud technology, you also get better virtual training, so the users can learn at their pace, which for many is the best way.

Our goal at Gaynor is to help you decide what is best for your business phone systems. Hosted VoIP is a great option for many clients, with the ease of install, the management by someone else, and the monthly fixed costs. It may be a little hard to wrap your head around, but once you do you will see the advantages of VoIP.

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