We like to think we live in a world where our person and property will be kept safe. In reality we hear almost daily about robberies or break-ins. Even car thefts that are happening in and around our small business. We might worry about that last employee who has to walk to their car. We worry that our office will be closed for a few days during the holiday season and that leaves a giant window for thieves to come and break-in. At Gaynor we understand these concerns. Maybe you have considered a security camera system before, or maybe the news of the latest break-in has you rethinking. Before you head to your local Costco to buy that $1,995 special, check out these reasons for using an expert.

1.  Placement of Cameras

Installing a security camera system is not just buying cameras and hanging them where you can easily reach. By using an expert, they will do a walk around with you and determine the best locations for the camera placement. A security system is not good if the cameras are vandalized or stolen. So placement in discreet ways or even out of reach of tall people with baseball bats is important. If you only look at how high you can get with a 6 foot ladder, it may not be the best for the picture or for the safety of the camera.

The placement of the cameras on your security system also determines the quality of the video. Many factors like lighting, trees, and even overhangs and doors can affect the video quality. When using an expert for the design, companies like Gaynor will review your lighting, review the location of the trees and make sure your placement is optimal for the video you want.

2.  What’s Being Watched & Recorded

When working with an expert you will be asked about what you are wanting to see. If a client says the entrance of the door for example, we ask, “To see people coming in or going out? Are you wanting to see if they lock/unlock the door? What is your intent?” Intent is the big question. Are you having people sleep in your doorway at night? Are you just wanting basic security? If there is an overhang near the door, it may be recommended to place two cameras at the door to make sure you get the correct angles of what you are looking for. 

3.  Quality Video

If you have an event happen at your small business, the critical step would be to export the video and show the local police department. The police department will want to make sure the video was not tampered with and is a high enough quality you can actually see and identify the people in the video. Many people are looking at video on TV Shows like NCIS and wanting that quality of video. That is possible with the right budget and the right placement.

Still not sure what to do? At Gaynor Telesystems we offer a Site Survey at NO CHARGE to help you determine the best security camera system for your needs. Give us a call today 1-877-GAYNOR-1

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