Being the leader in the Industry, ShoreTel offers a Business VoIP solution for small to large businesses.

You commonly hear a phone is a phone is a phone. That is true. Your basic office phone system functions will be available on each system. The difference is how you use them. The basic ShoreTel Business VoIP solution provides not only these basics, but some pretty nifty enhancements:

Music on Hold
Conference Calling – 6 Way
Whisper Page
Color Display

Call Recording
Emergency Notification
Speaker Phone

1.  Music on Hold

Music on Hold or MOH as it is known to some insiders. In the olden days, you hooked up a radio or discman. If you had the radio going, you hoped a competitor did not play an ad while your customer was on the line. Now with a business VoIP system, you can download WAV files. Maybe you are the hip new company on the block and you created your own theme music. You simply download the WAV files. Or maybe you are the auto repair shop and you have weekly specials, you can just record the specials and then download them each week. How easy and simple is that?!

2.  Conference Calling

Yes, you have to have enough phone lines to have each person (if they are outside callers) on the call, but with most businesses that have a PRI attached to their business VoIP system six outside lines is manageable. Most phone systems offer ¾ person calls as standard. With ShoreTel you get six. Easy, easy. By using the communicator program, managing and making those conference calls is simple. Just a few clicks and you have a conference. If you need more than six, the business VoIP solution has add-on modules that allow for larger conferences.

3.  Whisper Page

Think soft voices in your head. Not the crazy kind, the good kind. This application is not widely used but can be an efficient tool when someone is not really computer savvy. Most of the time you might send a quick email or send a quick instant message. You can also Whisper Page. This feature has been around for many years, but the popularity of it keeps it coming back to business VoIP phone systems. This allows an inside extension to dial your extension and speak to you while you are on the phone. The good news is the outside caller never hears what is happening. So rather than walk to your co-worker's door and tell him the next client is waiting in the lobby, whisper page to him that information. 

4.  Color Display

What if each day you saw the image of the beautiful beach or your brand new baby each time you looked at your phone. With the New ShoreTel phones on your business VoIP system you can have that color picture. 

5.  Call Recording

Your customers never lie and your employees are always truthful on what they say to clients. With call recording you can trust but verify. Not only is call recording important to clarify actions from clients and employees alike, it provides an invaluable training tool. When you have a new hire and they start answering your calls, you simply do not have the time to monitor each call. But if the calls are recorded you can easily and simply listen to a couple of calls a day and check the quality control. With the ShoreTel Business VoIP Solution call recording just got easier.

6.  Emergency Notification

Emergency notification is something you never want to use, but in reality you need to know how it works. With the ShoreTel Business VoIP solution you have many levels of emergency notification. A simple way is when someone calls 911, an email goes out to a distribution list and the caller information is sent to as many people as you care to have in the distribution list. If you need screen pops there are add-on modules that can alert many people’s computer monitor and cell phones. It truly depends on your level. With a multi-site application, the ShoreTel System has a local trunk connected and all the extensions in that location use that local trunk. So the Chico Fireman does not show up when you need the fire department in Stockton.

7.  Speaker Phone

What is simply the coolest Shoretel feature that everyone gets? The speaker phone. In our demo we show you how incredible the speak phone sounds. You can really hear a pin drop from across the room. 

At Gaynor Telesystems, Inc. we are able to provide the best solution for your application. For the ease of use, the ease of administration, and the speaker phones we recommend the ShoreTel Business VoIP solution to many of our clients. We do recognize not all clients are the same. So at Gaynor we get to know you and the features and applications that are important to you so we can provide the right solution to you. Get to know us better by downloading our free offer below or give us a call - we would be happy to meet with you and help you navigate the world of business VoIP.

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