Business is booming and your office phone systems are having trouble keeping up. This of course, is a good problem to have, but sooner or later it’s going to catch up with you and your staff. Your company is on target to open up three new locations this year and you don’t want your customer service to suffer. You need to prepare now and move beyond the point of relying on one specific person at a desk.

 A good place to start is learning the benefits of upgrading your office phone systems to help integrate your multiple-site locations and have the look and feel of one company, instead of feeling like several individual businesses.

Streamlined Communication for Customers

You want the customer experience for your callers to be as seamless as possible. This starts with the ease of having one number to call for your company. An auto attendant feature on your office phones systems can answer each call with a friendly and professional greeting, even when there’s high call volume. It will also provide a phone tree list of options the caller can choose from. The caller will then be routed to the appropriate department - even if it’s at a different site location - and their service won’t be interrupted. Some systems can even be programmed to transfer to other departments when there is high call volume so that the caller speaks to an actual person. Having a single office phone system also allows you to have a centralized voicemail and provides consistency for the company.

Better Interoffice Communication and Accountability

If your company is going to continue to grow, you need communication between all your sites to be as easy as possible. One feature that will help your staff communicate more efficiently and possibly even save you some dollars on your phone bill, is extension to extension dialing. This will allow your staff the ease of dialing an extension to talk with each other when they have a quick question or need to be brought in to a meeting. It also gives staff the ability to easily transfer customers to another department offsite, but be able to give context to the other staff member before they talk to the customer.

Office phone systems that have call recording and accounting features provide you with valuable information on how your phone system is being used – or misused. You might be a company that wants to record calls so you have accurate records for each call in case a dispute happens; or maybe you need to record calls for legal reasons. You might be looking for a way to better evaluate your sales team; or be able to clearly identify how employees are utilizing their time for both business and non-business purposes.

Centralized Management

Nobody will be happier about the ability to maintain and service your office phone systems from one central location than your IT department. All of your applications, such as centralized voicemail, call center activity, and call recording and accounting, can be implemented using a single source of technology instead of paying for service at each individual site. This will be more cost-effective for your bottom line and keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

Each business has its own multi-site challenges and at Gaynor Telesystems we work with you to understand your options and make sure you’re partnered with an office phone systems vendor who will help you work toward a solution, meeting your needs today and setting you up for continued growth tomorrow.

If you’d like to talk with one of our sales professionals to see how a multi-site system can benefit your business, contact us for a free demo today. 

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