Gaynor Telesystems has been an NEC telephone system dealer/integrator for 40 years! NEC manufactures a very cost effective, user friendly, and feature rich unified communication systems that will streamline many business communications within your office. First let’s look at some of the common business communication examples and how a new NEC unified communications system can solve them.

Processing incoming customer calls and how to route that call to the right worker and satisfy the customer’s needs.

A technical call comes into the receptionist that the company engineer needs to answer. Your company engineer is out of the office overseeing a project. No problem, with NEC’s mobile extension application the receptionist simply transfers the call to the engineer’s cell phone mobile extension. With a consultative transfer the receptionist tells the engineer what the call is regarding and then transfers. 


After the engineer answers the customer’s question the customer has a question regarding their current invoice. Again no problem, the NEC phone systems still have control of that call. This application is more than call forwarding, and the engineer simply presses *# on their cell phone and transfers the call to accounts payable back at the office to answer the customer’s question about their invoice.

Instead of playing phone tag you can see that the mobile extension application simply allows you to provide excellent customer service and saves everyone time in the process by not having to leave a voice message and wait for a return call. This in turn creates more profitability and better customer service for your company. Saving little bits of time throughout the day ensures better employee productivity.

A new NEC unified communications system can help streamline and solve business communications with voicemail to email.

For example, the general manager of the office is traveling on business. Generally, the time the general manager is at the office is spent overseeing day to day activities. VIP customers have the general manager's direct telephone number that rings directly to their office, bypassing the receptionist. While traveling, the general manger finds it difficult to call in twice daily to retrieve important voice messages that VIP customers have left. This in turn delays the response of the general manager not providing the best customer service.

With voicemail to email on the new NEC unified communications system you can receive corporate voicemails via email as a .wav attachment file. They arrive in your corporate email on your PC or smartphone. Then while traveling the general manager doesn’t have to call into the office to retrieve messages. They simply show up on their smartphone. Then the general manager retrieves the messages immediately and can provide excellent customer service while away from the office.

These are just a couple of examples of how NEC phone systems can improve your business communication solutions. Check back for our next blog to continue examples and give you more insight into the NEC phone system.

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