Business VoIP was made for the small business. Some might call business VoIP a hosted or cloud solution. That’s what we are talking about - using the cloud for your small business. Laying out a capital expense can be hard for a small business. You do not always have the cash to plunk down for an office phone system. That is when hosted is your answer. There is no need for a large capital outlay; in fact you pay just a monthly fee. So let’s learn more about why business VoIP for small business is a winning combination. Buy what you want, when you want

Maybe you are growing, and in the next 6 months anticipate adding 3 to 4 people, even a person every 2 months. With a traditional phone system you would be asked for your growth and sold a system that you can grow into for the next 3 to 5 years, requiring you to pay for that system upfront. Don’t get me wrong, a traditional system is great for many small businesses, but the big difference with a hosted/cloud solution is that you can buy just the 4 lines now and grow as you want; many times without the commitments of having to buy more. Just make sure you work with a provider who understands and prices you for starting small and growing at a slow pace.

Get big company features for a fraction of the cost

Maybe you are a small business who has 20 phones, but only 5 of them are used by sales folks. You have decided you need to record the calls of these 5 people. When you purchase a hosted business VoIP solution you have the ability to purchase a la carte options for your staff. One of these options can be recording. So now, instead of spending money to record all staff you only pay for the 5. Other options include contact center and on-demand conferencing. So look at what features you need for your business and then see if the cloud solution is the best one for you.

Still not sure if business VoIP is right for your small business office phone systems? Contact us for a demo or just to talk about a hosted system. We are here to talk to you about the options and we are a vendor that can provide you the right solution at the right time.

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