There are three basic types of customers who purchase office phone systems. You are the new business, you are the business that is moving, or you are the business where you have outgrown your system or its technology.  When it comes to creating a budget, all of you have the same challenges.

To assist with your budget here is a check-list to ensure you are ready for the new phone system.

Cable Infrastructure

Patch Panels – are you wanting to make ad-hoc moves for your employees? Using a patch panel can be a simple and cost effective way to make these moves. They also give a clean professional look to your data room.

Data and Voice Cabling – this is good to have for each location that will have a phone and computer. Consider cabling for items like the fax machine, credit card machines, network copiers, alarms, and the power-failure jack.

Phone Counts

Normally you take a map and start marking where each person will be sitting, or you look at the current extension list to determine the number of phones you will need. The common mistake is forgetting about those extra phones you have connected to your office phone systems. Common areas, such as the break room, file room, server room, or lobby phone are often forgotten in the counts. If you have a new multi-story building do you need a phone at the front door to buzz people in, or a phone in the elevator for safety? 

The next step in the phone counts is your anticipated growth. You only have 12 people today, but you plan on hiring 10 more in the next 2 years. Talk to your office phone systems vendor to discuss the growth. You do not want to fork lift your system, so sizing it correctly now for growth is important. Yes you will have to outlay some additional capital, but in the long run there is a price savings by doing it now, compared to a year from now.

Telephone Lines/Dial Tone

Now each carrier is different and will offer promotions and incentives when you are adding or changing dial tone so it will be important to understand your options. Most carriers waive some if not all of the installation charges if you sign at least a three year contract. But if you are not sure of your needs, you can always have a one-year or month-to-month contract for the dial tone on your office phone systems. The common mistake is not to budget for these installation charges. They can range from $75.00 per line to $600.00 for a PRI. 

Specialized Applications

Most office phone systems today come with the basics included: voicemail for each person, 911 calling notification, voicemail to email integration, message notification etc. But the enhanced features such as FAXFINDER, Presence, Conferencing, and a host of others can take that budget and throw it out the window. The best way to know if you need these specialized applications on your office phone systems is to discuss your critical items compared to your wish list with your trusted advisor.

A knowledgeable and licensed office phone systems vendor will be able to discuss these needs with you and determine the ROI for you. No client is the same, and as professionals, we must learn to listen to our clients and help them understand the best approach. 

Regardless of your final decision on a budget, if you find you do not have the capital available for purchasing new office phone systems you can look at leasing options. You may be able to get loans from your business bank as well.

With any of these options, Gaynor Telesystems, Inc. as your trusted advisor can walk you through the common issues and challenges with budget and financing. We are here when you are ready to talk. Give us a call today at 1-877-Gaynor1 or contact us for a free demo. 

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