Summer is about beach playing, watermelon, vacations, and heat. As a small business owner, you may wonder if you can take time off while still getting calls answered and having your office run efficiently. Your small business phone system may be a few years old and you don't have a maintenance support plan. Our goal is to make sure bosses and employees enjoy the summer, instead of calling us in a panic about phone system related issues. Here are some tips so you can enjoy the rest of your summer.

Make sure your phone system is in a cool place

Offices change and sometimes small business phone systems end up in closets or rooms without A/C. Remember, the phone system is a computer and needs cool air to work best. If you’re concerned about the location, please talk to us or even think about adding some venting. If your system overheats, just like a car, it can stop working. Now that would put a damper on your summer vacation. 


Change your auto attendant

Are you short-staffed for the summer? Maybe you only have a couple of people answering your calls. It may be better to change your auto attendant so clients don’t leave messages for people who are not there. Also, if you’re closed, change your main greeting. Let clients know if there are options to reach you in case of an emergency. Your auto attendant is a tool that can be used to help your callers get to the correct person without getting frustrated. Do you need samples of an auto attendant script? Check out these sample greetings.


Try out that mobility

You bought the feature, but never really have used it. You know you’ll have a good signal when you’re at the beach, so turn on the mobility and have your phone calls ring your cell phone. If you don’t answer they go back to your office voicemail. You have the flexibility to choose which calls to answer. The caller ID will pass, so you can skip the SPAM calls and answer that important client. If you have not implemented mobility it’s not too late. Many of the newer systems have the ability to add this feature. 


Check your call forwarding

If the worst case scenario does happen and you lose power or your system dies, in most cases you can have your calls forwarded by your telco company (AT&T, Frontier, Telepacific) etc. In order to have that happen it needs to be set up in advance. Now would be a good time to check and make sure nothing has changed with your call forwarding. You may have changed cell phones, so yearly checks on this would be important. 

 Summer is about fun, not about dealing with small business phone system problems. A little planning will go a long way.

If you’d like to learn more about mobility or are concerned about your phone system overheating, contact us today and we can talk with you about options.

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