For most businesses, without a good sales team there would be no business. A good sales staff is always improving their skills and abilities to convert a new customer or get that referral. Sometimes the sales staff is hard to pin down for formal training. When you get new office phone systems, training your sales staff may be a new challenge. But remember, salespeople like challenges.

Many of the basic features can help your sales staff be more productive, connect better with clients, and just make life a little simpler. The following features are sure to get the attention of your sales staff. When you send out the training announcements for the new office phone systems to the sales staff, consider adding these features into the announcement. Entice them to sit in on the class.

Mobile Extension

This is the one feature that sales LOVE. Mobile extension allows the cell phone they hold near and dear to their heart to become their office phone. No longer will they miss the call or have to give someone their cell phone number. Depending on what new office phone systems you purchase, the function might be different, but the facts remain: you turn on and off mobile extension. When you are away from your desk any call that you would normally get at your desk, would now go to your cell phone. Also, when you want to make an outbound call, you can connect to the office phone system and use the dial tone and caller-id from the office, not your cell phone.

Outlook Integration

It’s common that new office phone systems will have something called unified communication. This is really a fancy term for having all your communication come into one place. Essentially your voicemail, faxes and email all come into your Outlook. The cool thing about voicemail coming into your email is the fact they are just attached as a .WAV file. The sales staff can then listen to the .WAV file from any computer AND they can forward the file as an email to anyone. Talk about providing customer service! Think of it this way, your sales staff is about to go into a meeting that will take several hours. They see a voicemail pop up in their email on their phone asking for some basic pricing, but they need it right away. The salesperson simply forwards that message to the in-house sales team and they get the customer taken care of quickly and easily.

DID – Direct Inward Dial:

This is a private telephone line for the executives and for the sales team. Now instead of clients having to sit through an auto attendant or be screened by the front desk staff, a DID number can send the call directly to the salesperson. With most DID applications caller-id will also be passed along. With caller-id the salesperson can say “Hello Fred,” rather than just “Hello this is Sam, how can I help you?” DID numbers are local phone numbers. So if you have an office in Chico, you will get local Chico numbers.

Working with a proven vendor like Gaynor Telesystems allows you to speak about the challenges your sales staff are having and design new office phone systems to meet the needs of the sales staff. Once the phone system is in place, your sales staff can be trained by the vendor. Call Gaynor Telesystems, Inc. today to see how we can assist you. Learn more about the telesystems world by checking out our Glossary of Terms Ebook below!

Glossary of Terms Business telephone systems

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