The end of year was good to you and this quarter is going even better. That long list of upgrades for your technology is becoming a reality. You sat down and prioritized what you need the most to grow your business. The next logical step for a major purchase is a new business VoIP system. You are not sure if you have the budget for it. Let’s look at the major pricing items that affect a capital purchase like this.


Unlike a traditional phone system, the latest business VoIP technology requires working with your network. Taking stock in what your network looks like will be critical in your budget. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do you have the actual cabling needed to run a VoIP System? - You will need at least CAT5 Cable for each location.
  • Do you have PoE Switches in Place? - If not, you will need to add, or have power supplies at each location.
  • Do you have network support?
  • Will you have to outsource your network programming? - This potentially means bringing in your IT vendor and having meetings with both your IT and communications vendors.
  • Have you ever had your network tested?
  • Does the current network meet the bandwidth requirements? - This can be a costly test if you have never done this before. At Gaynor we work with communications partners who can run a variety of tests, BEFORE you purchase the new business VoIP system.


Business VoIP solutions are all about applications. What are the most critical applications you need? Is recording a must have? Presence? Mobility? Remote Workers? Are you not even sure what you need? Start by looking at your problems and what you think the solution may be. Maybe mobility sounds great, but you know the sales and technical staff will not answer their phones when they are off site. So does it really make sense to invest in mobility now? You could buy the core system and know, since business VoIP is really about applications you can grow in the mobility in the future.

So you think you have a budget and you know what basics you need, but coming up with the capital might be a stretch. Here are some ways you can lesson your upfront costs.

Trade In

Many manufactures offer trade in discounts on both the older models of their office phone systems or a trade in on a competitor’s. They want their new business VoIP system installed. They then give incentives like free licenses, extra years of software assurance, or port discounts. Even ask about loyalty options. It never hurts to ask. 

Even if your communication vendor cannot give you a trade in, think about selling your system to another business, or even donating to a non-profit. There may be some tax advantages you can take. Be sure to consult your tax advisor first.


This is a capital purchase of course, or did you want this as an operating expense? Depending on your lease and working with your financial team, you can purchase a business VoIP system on a lease. At Gaynor Telesystems, Inc we align ourselves with several leasing companies that assist businesses with obtaining credit. Normally the only down payment is 2 advance lease payments. That sure does beat a large cash outlay.

Are you concerned the technology will change fast and in the end of the lease you will be stuck with outdated equipment? Many leasing companies today have technology buy outs. So in 5 years you can continue a lease type payment, but upgrade to the latest and greatest.

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No matter what your challenges are, there is a way to get that new business VoIP system. The key is the ROI.  An experienced vendor, like Gaynor Telesystems can assist you with designing the system to your budget and helping to secure financing. Contact us today to learn more about budgeting and leasing.

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