There are many reasons why you might be considering new office phone systems. Your old system is slow and inefficient. Your business is growing and your receptionist is overloaded trying to keep up with calls. Your employees are out in the field more often and are missing important calls. Just to name a few big ones. There are also many, many, things to think about when you decide it’s time for new office phones systems at your business. But before you decide on the features you want and have to choose the features you actually need, pause for a few moments and consider these key components.

Where Are You Now?

It’s easy to start thinking about all the cool office phone systems features you could get for your business – and we’ll talk about that in a moment – but first take a step back and consider what your business needs are right now. Ask yourself why you need a new office phone system. Some common reasons touched on above are:

  • Your technology is just out of date. Just like any technology, there are always new and improved phone systems and features becoming available. You probably update your cell phone with the latest software every couple of months, and actually get a new cell phone every couple of years; phone systems need to be maintained and updated annually, and often replaced every 5 years or so.
  • Your business is increasing. If you’ve noticed an uptick in business this is a good problem to have, but hard on your employees. You aren’t quite at the point where you can hire more resources, but you need to do something NOW. That’s where an Auto Attendant and Direct Extensions come in to help with call flow and customer service to connect your caller’s with the right department and help your receptionist with call flow in the process.
  • Your employees are out in the field. Whether it’s your sales team making presentations or your service department making house calls, your staff is getting harder to keep tabs on. This is when Mobility would come in handy so that you can get a hold of your staff even when they are out in the office – and your customer’s can too.

These are just a few ways that new office phone systems can help meet the needs you have now, but it’s also important to consider what the future might hold.

Where Will You Be in the Next 5 Years?

Purchasing a new phone system for your business is an investment that you want to last. That’s why it’s crucial you consider where you see your business in the next few years. There are ways to plan for business growth and select the capabilities you want your office phone systems to have, but that you don’t actually anticipate needing for a while. For example, most basic phone systems come with:

  • Voicemail for each person in your organization
  • Emergency notification
  • Voicemail to email integration
  • Message notification

But if there are other things you anticipate needing as your business grows, you’ll want to plan ahead for those, such as:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Direct Dialing
  • Call Accounting/Call Recording
  • Mobility
  • Conferencing
  • Presence
  • Multiple Office Locations

You may be small today, but you need to set yourself up for growth tomorrow.

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Who Are You Considering Working With?

Arguably the most important thing to consider is the office phone systems vendor you choose to partner with. You want them to be aligned with your mission and able to support your vision, as well as able to offer you a customized solution that meets your needs. Read this blog to learn more about what to look for in a phone system vendor, such as cost, licensing, certifications, training, maintenance, and the special applications they provide.

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