Training has become a critical component of staff development. It is not uncommon in the work place for changes to require additional training. Whether you have an older phone system with voicemail or are getting a new system, adding an auto attendant will increase the need for staff training. Your reasons for an automated attendant can vary from needing less staff to answer the calls, to wanting a consistent message when each person calls in, or even that you are growing and want the calls to be answered in a timely fashion.

Whatever the reason, training is always a good idea. 

We recommend starting by advising the staff you are getting a new system and explaining how the system will work. A good vendor will provide training on how to answer calls and how to do the recording for an automated attendant. What a vendor cannot do is answer the why. As a boss you can answer the why. Once staff understands it will make the transition easier. Any business’s overall goal with an automated attendant is efficiency, but not at the risk of losing clients. So here are some key points.

Record Your Personal Voicemail Message

With an automated attendant, calls will now be directed to your extension without a person screening the callers. If you do not answer the call, it will be important the caller knows they got the right person, department or mailbox.

Return Calls/Messages

Nothing will frustrate callers more than leaving messages and not hearing back from someone. This is an important training aspect. Set time expectations on when calls should be returned. Maybe even in your recorded greeting you can state when you will call the person back.

Add Extension Numbers to Business Cards

You do not need to go out and spend the money to re-do all the cards, but when you place your next order, add the extension number to the card. This way it's easier for the caller because they will have an idea of what extension to press without having to listen to all the choices.

Update Your Email Address Signature

Just like your business card, add your extension number to the phone number listed in your email signature and it will make it easier for people to call you back.

An automated attendant can be a scary thing for a small business who has always answered its phone with a live person. As our lives move into a world of automation, it’s okay for a business to change. Just remember to keep that greeting short, sweet and to the point.

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